An Open Letter To President Obama

Mr. President,

Congratulations on being in the White House! Few of us can even begin to fathom the emotions, thoughts, and demands the President of the United States experiences on a daily basis. Your time in the White House is even more accomplished by being the first African-American to hold the office after serving eight years as an Illinois state senator and four years as a U.S. senator.

Congratulations, sir, on making history and for inspiring many young people to realize their dreams are possible!

However, Mr. President, I must express my sadness regarding your polices and Administration. It appears to me that you are dumbfounded as to why so many citizens - and yes, sir, there are millions - disagree with you. I share many of their concerns.

Songs of Praise - While it may seem cute, creative, or remarkable for school children to sing songs about you, I find it offensive especially when those songs are to the tunes of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "Jesus Loves The Little Children." When schoolchildren cannot sing carols because they contain the word "Christmas" or recite prayers in the name of Jesus but are allowed to twist patriotic or praise songs to glorify you, sir, something is wrong.

Many may defend how wonderful it is for children to honor their President in song. I say honor God or honor America but do not praise a man. The fact that you have never humbly denounced these songs conveys to me your approval of them.

False Idol - The overall reaction to your being a world celebrity is a sharp contrast to the last eight years at the White House. George W. Bush even at his most popular did not generate the "shock and awe" you, sir, have commanded. In fact, I'm not certain if any President has accomplished this.

While your personality and charm may indeed bring a new shine to America's image in the world, you are not a god or savior, sir. Yet, many including the media have portrayed you as capable of doing no wrong.

The marketing of "Yes We Can," "Change We Can Believe In," and your "O" symbol have been effective trademarks, however, they have promoted a form of idol worship that is inappropriate. I have seen no efforts on your part to dismiss this worship and you seem to welcome the praise, sir.

Sadly, many celebrities have bought into this. Sting believes you might be "a divine answer to the world's problems" and that your opponents are "aggressive and violent and full of fear." I'd consider myself aggressive but violent? Nope. Full of fear? Nada. Full of disappointment in what you and other liberals are trying to do to this country? Absolutely.

Why not redirect praise to God or at least towards America? This country is great because of all of us and not who is leading or has led us.

Arrogance - Ultimately, sir, I doubt you will offer any dismissive remarks on songs and other godlike praise because of your self-adoration. Asserting that Fox News isn't a news channel and attempting to shut them out of a Pay Czar interview, dismissing Republicans repeatedly with a "we won" attitude, giving up on bipartisanship in various instances, dismissing health care opponents as terrorists or extremists, mocking T.E.A. Party attendees, and threatening to call out anyone (Senators and other Congressional members included) who oppose your ideas all ring, sir, as tactics of a dictator or at least a thug and not the behavior becoming to the President of the United States.

Blame Bush - This is a sign of weakness and cowardice, sir. Stop blaming your predecessor. Presidents inherit issues from two or three previous administrations. You've been elected for a year. Issues are yours to clean up or ignore. Stop making excuses, sir.

Czars - While a President should surround themselves with wise and strategic resources, you seem to have picked the most radically liberal group of personalities, sir. Plus, these all appear to be new positions and thus adding more layers of government. This video sums it up nicely:

Evasive - Equally dismissed, more so from your Administration staff than yourself, are the questions about your birth certificate and other records. Again, it's not racist of me or anyone to want to know if you "fit the bill" for being President as outlined in the U.S. Constitution. Ultimately, either you have a copy of your "long-form" birth certificate or you do not. The "short form" which has been readily distributed is an easily-produced electronic document. It's not the original from 1961. Why not show it? Also, why seal your college records, sir, and yet tell the world your daughter made a D on a test?

Big Government - Bail outs, stimulus packages, corporate take-overs, health care reform, higher taxes...frankly, sir, I think you're trying to see how far you and your Administration can push things. Change isn't easy. Most don't like it. But no one likes having big changes shoved down their throats. Sugar-coat and spin all of this anyway you wish, sir, but more government is not the answer to solving problems. Throwing money at problems - money we don't have - is not the answer to solving problems. These are major reasons why many do not trust your motives.

Apologizing for America - Just stop it, sir. Stop getting before leaders of other countries and apologizing for "America's behavior" on how we've done things in the past. Apologies should be given once and only when wrongs have been done specific to someone. Apologizing because we may have offended a group of people or disagreed with their methods is not a sign of's a sign of weakness.

Abortion - You've said that abortion is "one of the most fundamental freedoms we have in this country." Abortion, sir, is murder. Nothing less, nothing more. While a woman may be entitled to the freedom to abort her baby, it's nothing we as a society should support and thus approve. Tax payer dollars, for example, should absolutely not be used to support this practice.

Homosexual agenda / redefining marriage - While you've stated you believe marriage is between one man and one woman, you wish to throw government support behind redefining marriage so homosexuals can marry? You also claimed you "don't promote same same-sex marriage" but was that when you were a candidate as you are in the video below and now that you're President things have changed? Am I missing something?

Gays should have the freedom and rights to live their lives, however, drawing a line is perfectly sound and reasonable in the definition of marriage. The Bible isn't the only source that disagrees with the concept of gay marriage.

Christian nation - We no longer act as Christian nation but we were founded on Christian principles. The Declaration of Independence acknowledged that all men "are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights..." and noted that our Founding Fathers were relying "on the protection of Divine Providence" in helping to create this country. Since 1956, "In God We Trust" has been our national motto printed on money and buildings.

We certainly don't act as a Christian nation, yet we're tolerant of a multitude of faiths. Congressman Forbes reminded us that President Dwight Eisenhower said, "Without God, there would be no American form of Government, nor an American way of life. Recognition of the Supreme Being is the first—the most basic—expression of Americanism. Thus the Founding Fathers saw it, and thus, with God's help, it will continue to be."

President Obama, I could continue with other examples but these are the ones that concern me most. Again, these concerns don't make me a terrorist, racist, right-wing fanatic, or extremist. I am a concerned American citizen, and as Lou Pritchett's open letter to you articulates - you scare me, sir. You scare me not because you want to change things but because your changes are so liberal, radical, and in some cases are fixing things that aren't broken.

But with all these concerns, I still pray for you and your family. I pray that you seek God's wisdom and discernment in all things that you do - as President, husband, and father. I pray that angels protect you and your family in all your journeys. I pray that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and know that He is the way, the truth, and the life. I also pray that you hear the concerns of the millions of other conservative voices like mine, that you will consider and not dismiss our concerns and that if we agree to disagree we do so as Christian Americans. I pray these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


  1. I agree the bums out!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous 1, thanks for the support! I'll only add this isn't ENTIRELY about voting out this Administration. They need to be sent that message. But I also encourage us to pray that we all - regardless of our political or theological standing - will see with compassion, hear with discernment, and speak with wisdom as we pray for our leaders.

  3. nice letter, however, we are a nation that was founded primarily by Deists, who believe in God, not religion, such as roman Catholicism or protestantism, for God created reason, not religion. Anyway, how about what LaRouche has suggested..

  4. Anonymous 3, thanks for your thoughts. Absolutely, the Founding Fathers did believe in God. Stating that we're a Christian nation is to enforce that principle.

    I would agree that we will have to make some serious changes to help our economy. Treating like someone in severe credit debt and filing bankruptcy is likely the only recourse.

  5. Rick, thank you so much for stating everything so fairly. I hope you have sent this directly to Obama as it might be the one thing that might cause him to pray for guidance.
    I am Catholic and cannot get past the abortion issue to even give cedence to anything he might do wouldn't matter. I think so often of what Mike Huckabee said: "I did not win the election, but I did not lose my soul!" I think if a person condones killing an unborn child, their soul is lost and that person does not qualify to lead a Christian nation.
    I do pray but admittedly, it is so difficult to do so with love in my heart and definitely something I need to work on and pray about that as well. I am passing on your letter to others that are prayer warriors.
    Thank you again for writing this and sharing it. Jaydee

  6. Jaydee, thanks so much for your comments! I have shared this letter via and will post here any response received. Thank you for passing along this note's URL to whomever you wish. The more we all are thinking about these issues and more importantly PRAYING about them, the better we all will be. God bless you and yours.

  7. President Obama can't do anymore harm then the previous administration. So your letter is totally wasted. Find another hobby.

  8. Anonymous 7, thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. I disagree. With the elements mentioned above, this Administration can do FAR greater damage to America than the previous.

  9. I did not vote for Mr Obama. But the person he was while running for office is not the same man that is in office. I fear for our freedoms, religion and safety. If we are fortunate enough to defeat this man in the next election it will take multiple presidential terms to undo the damage to our country.

  10. Thanx for writing this letter Rick, it says a lot of things on the minds of the American people. And I don't trust Barry one bit, he is nothing more than a typical Chicago Machine politician that says one thing while doing something completely different. I know, my father was a member too so I've seen it all.

  11. Talk is cheap. We got a real bargain with Obama.


  13. Years ago Nikita Kruschev told JFK that we will destroy your country not externally but internally. Breshnev said that we already infiltrated your country through means that we knew you wouldn't go after again;meaning that Hollywood wouldn't be prodded again by outing communists. So now we have exactly what was told. If you read Marx you can see the methodology that Obama has learned and now using;create fear,address the fear with promises of a new age,beleive in my change,yes we can change the new world order.Take away God, make him a non factor. Tell people that if there's is a God why do we have these times.
    Your post and letter says it all; Marxists don't believe in God,but I do.
    I believe that for me it's much better believing in God while I'm alive and finding out there wasn't when I die than to not believe while I'm alive and finding out there is a God when I die.

  14. Great article. Hits the nail on the head!

  15. impeach this scum

  16. Thanks to all for sharing your thoughts!

    Anonymous 9, I think that many are surprised by what they are hearing and seeing from this President.

    Anonymous 10, sadly it seems you have some extra insight into what #9 touched upon.

    Anonymous 11, unfortunately we over-payed and can't get a refund.

    Anonymous 12 and 15, while I'd like for these radical schemers to be out yesterday, God is in control...we just have to stay focused on Him.

    Anonymous 13, very good points. Many of think of that as "conspiracy theory," however, what isn't a theory is that God is bigger than all this and trusting in Him - as you mentioned - is so much easier and better for our lives.

    Anonymous 14, thanks! To God be the glory!

  17. I agree 100 % and would like very much to know why he is scared of his past and why he was allowed to run for any office without legitamate Birth Certificate.

  18. Sadly, half of the voting public will continue to support Obama despite all of the things pointed out in this letter and all of the things that are to come. He can say/do nothing wrong as far as many in the country are concerned. I've come to believe that there are many people in this country who simply do not care about its future. Those are Obamas core supporters.

  19. Anonymous 17 & 18, thanks for your sharing your thoughts. I feel you both are touching on a sad character flaw of Americans: apathy. We don't care. We elect people to office to do that work and never care about their real qualifications, motives, or work. We merely like how they look, what they say, design of their website, and other shallow approvals. Then we elect them to do that work so we don't have to worry about it. We then don't pray for them and don't encourage them but only complain if something isn't meeting our whims.

    Am I speaking for everyone? Of course not. But this applies to too many people! Wake up, patriots! Your country needs you on your knees in prayer!

  20. I do agree with this letter, I'm glad I am not alone in my feelings!

  21. Glad I am not alone in my thoughts and feelings!

  22. ok, I'll try to comment on most of these issues, though I suppose it's against my better judgement, I do think we should have some type of opposing voice to these claims:

    songs of praise: I think you have a legitimate complaint here. I don't really agree with. but I also didn't agree with it when school kids were singing songs of praise to pres. bush. however, the SCHOOL was the one who approved these things, and sent notes home to their parents and was approved and it took 7 or 8 months for anyone to even complain about it, so I wouldn't really say that that is obama's doing.

    false idol: americans have many many false idols, obama perhaps being the least of these. perhaps the biggest one is the dollar sign. but obama is idolized, and that kind of upsets me, but not to the point where I think it's up to him to fix it. I think he's answered this by trying to stay more and more out of the limelight (though it's hard, since he's the president)

    arrogance: I agree with you on this. he had no right to refuse fox news an interview. however, fox news wondered why george bush put up with the liberal media for so long and were urging him to do the same thing to MSNBC, and so he did near the end of his presidency. both instances were stupid, I think.

    blame bush: I agree. I think that's the rallying cry for democrats. though, republicans rallying cry for the first half of bush's term was blame clinton.

    czars: that video is admittedly biased I think (this isn't the first time the word "czar" has been used to describe these goverment officials, goes back to FDR). though I don't know if both parties are represented in this, obama is not the first president to do this. and I do know he has bipartisan leaders on his cabinet.

    evasive: this complaint is the strangest. are you really suggesting that he could get all the way into the presidency without having been an american citizen? with all of the background checks and such that it takes just to get a passport, you really think that they wouldn't do even more to become a senator, let a lone a president? I still do not comprehend this complaint.

    big government: this is the undying fight between republicans and democrats that can't be solved with a letter...

    apologizing for america: frankly, america does have a TON to apologize for. we should start with the native americans. whether we admit it or not, america has done A LOT too the rest of the world (yes, we also have done a lot for the world, but is it weakness to apologize and ask for forgiveness? are we not called to do that in a lot of aspects of life, especially being christians?)

    abortion: I agree 100% tax payers should not pay for this.

    homosexual marriage: while he disagrees with it personally, politically, it is something that he feels can be agreed upon. he's not really unlike any former president in that respect. homosexuality is a religious issue, not a political one. I do understand, however, that many will not agree with me when I say this, and that's ok.

    christian nation: mormons share the same principles that make us "christian" as the ones that are claimed by those who call us a christian nation, though when mitt romney was up for the nomination there was a public outcry against him not being a christian. if the church met the forefathers of this nation, they would be thrown from the church. the reason is because they are deists. thomas jefferson, for example cut verses out of the bible so he could make his own bible. please research this a bit more and I think you would be hard pressed to say that we are a christian nation anymore than we are a mormon nation. also, in God we trust was added as our motto simply because we were scared of communism and this was one way to show that we were "better" than them, since they were proclaimed atheists. if it had been important to our forefathers, it would have had some place in their writings about this, especially since they were fond of rallying crys such as this.

  23. Someone should burst his bubble. He won't be in office forever. Once he's gone, how can any of his dirty deeds be reversed? He doesn't seem to realize that he is basically selling his own daughters into slavery. They will, like all of us be affected by everything he does. I pray daily that God shows him how to NOT go down this path of destruction.

  24. Anonymous 20, 21 & 23, thanks for your support. You are not alone!

    Anonymous 22, wow! Thanks for your detailed comments.

    Songs of praise to President Bush?! I wouldn't care for that either, however, I recall no such thing. Yet, there are a half dozen such songs about President Obama. Just because schools approved it doesn't mean that the President couldn't politely ask them to stop or direct the praise toward either America or God.

    Trying to stay out of the limelight? Are you serious?! He hasn't met a camera he doesn't like. Indeed, there are far worse idols. Yet, I see no humility on his part. Thus, he would appear to approve of being "President of the World."

    President Obama's arrogance goes beyond trying to block out a news organization. One could likely say that other Presidents (and many people) are arrogant, however, just because others do it doesn't mean you have to when you're the POTUS. The real arrogance is in the attitude of "we won" and referring to TEA Party participants as "teabaggers."

    Your assessment on blame is slightly skewed. President Bush didn't spend his first year in office directly blaming President Clinton for issues.

    Regardless of your take on the video, many of the czars are of concern due to their liberal beliefs on topics such as climate control and homosexual education in school including kindergarten.

    What's evasive is that records are sealed and his long form birth certificate is not available. I believe he could easily make it to the Oval Office with many people not caring of his qualifications because of an agenda to get him there. Also, the documents are sealed.

    No, a letter cannot solve the issue of big government and the fact remains: Republicans want less government, Democrats want more.

    It's not a weakness to ask for forgiveness where its needed. For example, apologizing for relocation of Native Americans and slavery would be proper in the correct venue and to those people impacted. Apologizing for this repeatedly and across the globe is weakness.

    I'm glad we're unified on abortion!

    Homosexuality is not a religious or civil issue. It's a choice. You may feel it is not and people are born this way. It's still a choice. Now, to make a choice of the few be forced upon others in an effort to appease them and refine marriage is wrong. Period.

    Mormonism teaches a dependence on extra-biblical sources, promotes a lesser God and that God has not always been the Supreme Being of the universe, teaches an inflated view of humanity that is completely inconsistent with biblical teaching, teaches that we are capable of earning our salvation, and thus is a faith in a false Christ leading to a false salvation.

    Thomas Jefferson did not create his own bible. Jefferson said, "I am a real Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus Christ." Jefferson drew up a collection of scripture passages entitled "The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth." He omitted all miraculous events of Jesus but did not intend this work to be a bible. It was a primer for the Indians on the teachings of Christ.

  25. The United States Constitution found in a dumpster behind the White House:

  26. Anonymous 25, thanks for your comment and sadly these days it would seem like that :(

  27. Great letter.

    Obama is too indecisive. It's like his to-do list needs to be done first before he'll continue to other people's ideas. He'll probably decide to send troops after the health care bill passes. ...and he'll continue to scold his military advisor for getting frustrated.

    Obama probably had to wait for his teleprompter to finish (or at least finish his prepared speech) before he could react to Fort Hood.

    Bush was criticized for how he initially responded to 9/11. He was with kids. Some people shield children from bad things. He had to decide how and if he was going to say something in front of children. (I'm guessing, but it makes sense to me.) Obama was in front of adults and gave a shout out after he heard the news but before he responded.

    Does Obama care about our troops?? He's taking too long to decide to send more troops. His speech and shout out didn't seem to be fazed by the news of Fort Hood. I don't know how far along he was on his speech when he got the news. Finishing his speech doesn't bother me as much as the shout out.

    Also, as President, he should be able to handle some criticism. He cares too much about what people think and I believe that hinders his decisionmaking - if he bothers to decide anything. You can't shut out the people you disagree with. He doesn't have to invite Beck or Hannity to dinner, but he shouldn't try to conquer or silence news outlets just because he doesn't like what they say. He's only proving concerns about socialism when he does something like attacking FOX News.

    We're supposed to judge him by the people he surrounds himself with. Van Jones is a communist, Anita Dunn is praising Mao, and Rev Wright is preaching about the advantages of Maxism. ...and the Reverend might be racist.

  28. Slade, thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. You make many great observations and points.

  29. Mr. Garner,

    Obama only served 6 months as a US Senator. His position in IL was a part time position. He has the shortest career of anyone in the Presidency. His emotional immaturity as a person and a politician show in every move he makes.

  30. Anonymous 29, thanks for your visit. Your facts don't agree with this: . Barack Obama served as a U.S. Senator for Illinois for almost 4 years (January 3, 2005 – November 16, 2008), thus a one-term senator. Also, there's this link:

    However much of that that one-term was likely spent preparing for and conducting campaigning for his Presidency. Thus, you and I totally agree on your last two sentences.

  31. This is an excellent letter. The Bible tells us to respect our leaders. Even as God raised up Pharaoh - it in no way claimed Pharaoh to be godly. Rick I feel the same way too, however you are a Christian and so am I, and we should both be able to agree that this earth is not our home. I do not agree with anything that Mr. President has done and I do hope things would be changed for the good. This president belongs to the world, and people like us do not. We Christians know were in for a heck of a ride in the next few years. But God works good out of all evils, and many will end up coming to Christ on the basis that they will realize this world has gone to far. It does not matter what Jesus song they want to remove because they will never shut us up. And God always has the last word and He has already won this battle. Let the rulers continue on their path, for it is surely the end of their road. I love my Christian brothers and sisters, and I know one day I will get the chance to talk with you in Heaven. In all, God would be pleased with the way this letter was written because you used respect. Even after Saul was judged by God, David still sung him a song. But you already know what scripture says so I do not have to tell you the end of the story, not at all. You also know God's promises, and you know He keeps them. God also made sure we had signs for the end days and you know we are here. The persecutions will come next because we are hated. So put on your full Armour of God so you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. They are coming for us. Bless you Rick, I will see you at home. In Jesus' name, Amen. -Juliet

  32. Thank you for a well-stated letter. I am deeply saddened by our leaders decisions and the direction of our nation. A majority of people in this nation voted for President Obama. The majority got what they wanted, but it remains to be seen if they will want what they get. This is the time to humble ourselves and pray.

  33. This is what we get when an inexperienced, unworthy person is elected as our president. Obama has proven over and over that he is not a Leader. He has no Leader qualities about him. He can talk up a storm, if he has telepromtors, but otherwise, he is a lost child in a grownups world.

    Impeach Obama and lets get a True American Patriot in the White House. Somewone with experience and someone who doesn't grovel before other world leaders!

  34. Anonymous 31, 32 and Wht, thanks for sharing your comments. Ultimately, God is bigger than all of this...all of our politics, arguments, and what we think is right and wrong. If it doesn't line up with Him, it won't matter. We can continue to love, pray and stand for what's Truth. God bless the U.S.A.!

  35. Everyone chill out, please!

    I feel so much negative energy here, which give off so much bad vibes. There is certainly an imbalance of yin and yang. The spirits are restless.

    To regain the balance and to undo the bad vibes, I want everyone to chant the words below. These words are the mantra of the truly enlightened ones. When you chant these words at least 20 times each day and adopt them as your mantra, you, the long benighted ones, will see the true light as the enlightened ones do. Now get ready, clear your minds and chant:

    Obama is my Lord.
    I shall always cherish, honor and obey him.
    Obams will take care of me.
    Obama will provide for me.
    I shall no longer want.
    Obama is good.
    Obama is beneficent
    Obama is omnipotent.
    Obama is omniscient
    God is Obama.
    Obama is God.
    Mm, Mm, Mm, Mm, Mm.


  36. Annoymous 35, thanks for sharing some humor here. Hysterical stuff! Although, sadly, many are conducting themselves in that matter whether they articulate it or not.

  37. Rich Garner, "Annoymous 35" here.

    < thanks for sharing some humor here... >

    You're welcome. My pleasure.

    < Hysterical stuff! >

    I'm glad you took my "ruminations" in the right spirit.

    < Although, sadly, many are conducting themselves in that matter whether they articulate it or not. >

    An astute observation. And, sadly, a correct one. Still, I wanted to "articulate" it for those sad folks (and to especially push their collective noses into "it"). Do you think those folks will appreciate my efforts? Will I get any thanks from those "Obamaphiles"? Do you think maybe the Lord, himself, will like my mantra so much, He'd sign a Presidential order to require all Americans to chant it? If so, I want royalties!

    Thanks for your reply.

    Anonymous 35

  38. Anonymous 35/37, you're now 4 numbers. :) Your satire is great. I imagine the Lord has to laugh at our debates/discussions about politics, since most of the time we spend too much time bickering in that arena than worshiping Jesus. Or in this case, also thinking Obama can save the world. God help us. God save the Queen. :)

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