Death Threat In Psalm 109:8? 23 comments

"May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership."

Again, a few words have sparked a firestorm of reactions. The power of words and, in the case, the power of Scripture. Psalms - always known for having short nuggets of wisdom from King David and others - is the focus of media attention because the scripture verse Psalms 109:8 is appearing on shirts and stickers as a prayer for President Obama and considered a veiled death threat.

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An Open Letter To President Obama 38 comments

Mr. President,

Congratulations on being in the White House! Few of us can even begin to fathom the emotions, thoughts, and demands the President of the United States experiences on a daily basis. Your time in the White House is even more accomplished by being the first African-American to hold the office after serving eight years as an Illinois state senator and four years as a U.S. senator.

Congratulations, sir, on making history and for inspiring many young people to realize their dreams are possible!

However, Mr. President, I must express my sadness regarding your polices and Administration. It appears to me that you are dumbfounded as to why so many citizens - and yes, sir, there are millions - disagree with you. I share many of their concerns.

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